Why is plumbing important in South Africa?

With continuous increased pressure on our water resources, it is important to repair any water wastage’s by repairing leaking pipes, toilets etc. In order to extend recyclable uses of water, grey water can also be used to water your garden in stead of letting in run to the drain. Blocked drain can also contaminate our current scarce resource, which is most commonly caused by heavy rain,tree roots, incorrect installation and foreign objects.

Plumbers can alleviate some stress on nature by assisting to repair leaks,install water tanks for storage and distribution of grey water as well as unblocking of drains.


Do your bit today by calling us today for any of the above services you may require?

As part of our contribution to nature, we will have a special this coming week 20-25 February 2017 on blocked drains. We will unblock your drain from R450 (excl VAT) each including acid flush. T’s&C’s apply.

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